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Since 2009, We have established our self as the Best international debt collection Agency in UAE. Our Associates Around the globe Has Helped us Achieve Pride of Our Customers, we provide Dubai Debt Collection Through Mediation and if required through litigation services. We are Ranked as Best Dubai debt collection Agencies in UAE.


We are specialized in Dubai Debt Collection & lawyers in dubai services. We have an expert panel ofDebt Collection UAE lawyers in UAE. We Always try to Archive amicable settlement, without going into any legal battle. Our associates can help you in Corporate cases, Labor issues, Civil Cases, Criminal Cases, and other legal matters such as will drafting, Real Estate Issues, and Family Cases.


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Differences between a debt recovery agent and a debt collection lawyer

  • A debt collection lawyer is required when legal actions have to be conducted. If the pre-legal ones are successful, the need for hiring a debt recovery attorney dies away
  • For the creditor, a debt collection attorney’s services are free of charge. However, if the lawyer is representing a case privately, he will charge the fee accordingly. 
  • A collection agency can also offer free services only if it gets its commission from the money recovered from the debtor. 
  • Some attorneys charge by the hour; however, others will get a fee only when they win a case for their clients.
  • A debt collection lawyer is part of a debt recovery company. The creditor can decide between hiring a debt collector attorney alongside a debt attorney. 
  • A debt recovery agent and a lawyer are two separate entities having different roles. 

Legal Debt Collection Procedures  in UAE

Debt collection is preferred to be done legally as people like the whole procedure to be handled by lawyers without worrying about getting their money back. A debt collection lawyer is mainly hired by an original creditor or a debt recovery agency. 

Debt collection laws are practiced by debt collection lawyers in recovering payments from a debtor. The lawyers make sure to negotiate the terms and conditions first with the debtor and then proceed towards litigation. 

Who are debt collection lawyers?

They are legal representatives who specialize in default payments and practice laws under fair debt collection rules and regulations. A private debt collector can also be hired for resolving a legal query. After the financial records of an original creditor have been obtained, the collection process is initiated. 

A debt recovery lawyer is hired to initiate legal proceedings of transferring a default profile issue to a court where ever it is required. Debt collection attorneys are needed for cost-effective as well as successful debt collection. 

A debt collection lawyer is like a previous recovery tool that is used before proceeding towards a court. They must be successful in collecting the amount of debt without handing the case over to the court. 

Supervision And Authority Of A Debt Collection Lawyer

A debt collection lawyer can do a lot as the court of law has authorized him. He can:

1) Send juridical letters to the debtor

2) Arrange a meeting with a debtor

3) Issue a final warning to the debtor before moving towards court proceedings

The juridical letters can consist of letters before taking any action or letters of demand. All the issued letters comply with the laws of the U.A.E and its seven states Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Umm al-Qaiwain, Fujairah, Ajman, and Ra’s al-Khaimah.

As per the debt collection laws, a debt collection lawyer can personally visit a debtor on his premises and let him know about the most suitable payment plan to settle a debt. In the United Kingdom, such payment plans are called Individual Voluntary Arrangements. They are so the consumer debtors.

There are Company Voluntary Arrangements too for the commercial debts. A debt collection lawyer has the power and authorization to seize a part of the debtor’s property to pay off the debt. However, more often than not, debt recovery solicitors rely on such extreme measures.

As per the debt collection law, the priority of a debt collection lawyer is to negotiate terms and conditions with the debtor. Mostly, the negotiations and discussions are successful enough to make the debtor realize that if he does not pay the debt, he will be in hot waters. 

Debt Collection Lawyer’s Code of Conduct

To escape the court proceedings, a debtor does whatever he can in his power to arrange for the money and give it back to a debt collector lawyer. Moreover, if the debtor cannot pay timely, he must inform an attorney about his current plight so that an extension can be approved. 

A debt solicitor can turn to a minor claims court and press a local court to get a wage garnishment. When a debtor ignores all the previous reminders, a debt collection lawyer is left with no option but to file a wage garnishment with the court’s help. 

A wage garnishment can be applied only when a court gives the authorization and a green signal to an agency of withholding a specific percentage from the debtor’s monthly income. The amount of withholding varies from country to country. It can also depend upon the earning of the debtor and his capacity of paying it back.

Q How does debt collection work?

Debt collectors from our law firm act as middlemen. Debt Collectors operate as legal attorneys to resolve recovery issues through amicable and judicial settlements. Our professionals collect customers’ unpaid debts. However, the debts should not be older than the specified time. The creditor will be charged for legal services depending upon the amount the debt recovered as it is used for calculating the lawyers’ fees.

Q Why debt Collection

Debt collection is significant especially when the company or a business owner wants to recovery money and improve the cash flow. If the amount is too large, it would be hard for the company to pay off its necessary obligations. This can reduce the net profits and the stock levels of the company. Our customized debt collection strategies will help you to claim overdue payments.

Q What is debt collection

Debt collection is a legit way to collecting the money owed on delinquent accounts. Our debt collectors are hired by companies, business owners, and individuals as well. These companies or individuals are the ones whose money is owed by the debtors. We take the responsibility to recover your amount under the legal umbrella.

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